Combine talents 

Multiply results

Why hire one, when you can have them all?

One for all, All for one

Our unique operational model, allows us to allocate different resources, from all over the world, into one single unique offer. Forget the overhead of managing dozens of providers, and integrating their work into your environment. We'll put the right professional, in the right place for your company. When you need him, for as long as you need him.

Get all the Infosec Competences combined in a powerful orchestrator agent that solves your problems, and fill up your needs, with complete impartiality.

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70% of organizations have strong difficulties finding experienced and capable Information Security Professionals. We can get you one in a matter of hours? Why? The CYB3R Security Network has thousands of resources all over the world. And we conduct recruting processes absolutely every week. Next time you need a security asset for your company, give us a call.


Why hire one, when you can have them all? Our Data Protection Offers can give you the exact team you need to take your company in the LGPD/GPDR compliance journey. Want to use your own team? No problem, we will allocate intructors to empower them, and an experienced consultant to advise and guide them all the way.


What if could get the best specialists on the world, to test your defenses on a closed, tight controlled and monitored bounty mission. You only pay if they succeed. Well, now you can. We will conduct a private bug bounty program, custom-tailored for your company, with the specifications you provide on the assets you want to test it.


Not only your ordinary compliance pentest. How about reduce costs, using professionals from India, or Latin America on some tests? You got it! Or get a single project broke into hundreds of small tasks each for a different professional, reducing your exposure and risk over a single player. Done.


So you need a CISO, but cannot afford one full time? This should not be a problem. And guess what? It's not. Our operational model, allow us to combine resources, in a way, you get the job done, for the price your budget allows it.


Grow and shrink your team as needed, when needed. Need a forensic expert for a few days, a cloud security half period, and a malware analyst, two days every two months? You got it. We can assemble and allocate any infosec resource in the world, for the time and period you need them.


We are an orchestration agent. Musicians can play alone, but they play much better on the orchestra, conducted by a conductor. Plus, our experience in the field, and knowledge of the market, allow us not only to get you better services at lower costs, but to design custom-tailored solutions for your company. This is our main processes.

Identify the need

We will dive completely into your reality and really understand your problems, investigate the causes, understand the size of your company, your market, security maturity, investment capacity, risk profile, etc ...

Coordinate the execution

Focus is everything. You focus on your business, we focus on security. We will use our international expertise in project coordination, to conduct projects that will completely fulfill your company's needs.

Assemble the team

After understanding your problems in depth, we will assemble a team of professionals and companies customized to solve your problems. From a universe of available resources we will find the perfect ones to meet your expectations

Monitor the performance

Your company deserves the best, and to deliver it to you, we will closely monitor the performance and deliveries of the team ensuring international levels of excellence and quality for you and your projects.

Design the solution

Our model offers your company, wider resources and from different sources, and this diversity of offers, allows us to create unique and specially customized projects for your company, in a totally impartial way as no other company could do.

Review the results

After all this, we will review the results and conduct quality and performance assessments, to collect your feedbacks and insights regarding the execution, so as to maintain the process of continuous improvement in the deliveries made in our projects.

Be a part of this.

If you are a professional or company, providing services or solutions of information security, data protection or IT infrastructure you can be a part of this revolution.

Join the CYB3R Security Network and not only be a resource in our projects, but get thousands of resources to allocate on your own projects, empowering your offers and expanding your portfolio.

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No more hearing "I assure you our solution is the best solution on the market" from every player



The solution and services should adapt to your company, not the other way around.


Cost reduction 

In a world of increasing challenges, reducing the costs is mandatory

This is why we set apart from individual Infosec Players

We are not a common player on the market. Our operational model puts us on an "abstraction layer" where we can simply sit down with you, take a look at your business and help you define which one is really the best offer to you, taking into consideration your company's size, information security maturity, available budget, existing resources, and many other variables.

Individual players may be great to get the job done, however they will always lack one crucial thing. Impartiality. Any player will always tell you he has the best offer. Of course they will. They are defending their own interests. And who is defending yours? Well, we are. As we will not directly provide you the services and solutions you need, we can help you assemble a dream team, to achieve your needs, composed of several different individual players. Also, as we know the market and have access to literally thousands of resources, we can always identify better-priced offers, and help you achieve the perfect balance between cost and benefit.

Average Player

  • expertise - MEDIUM
  • customization - MEDIUM
  • quality - MEDIUM
  • costs - MEDIUM

TOP Player

  • expertise - HIGH
  • impartiality - LOW
  • costs - HIGH


  • costs - LOW